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Ideas for Facebook cover photos

If you have visited our site, you have found good cover photos for facebook. Indeed, one of the most important elements of a Facebook page is the cover. It should be creative and inspiring to pique your interest. That’s why we offer ideas for Facebook cover photos to help you understand and choose the cover that’s right for you.

First of all, pay attention to the placement of image elements. The base of the professional cover should be right of center as you can see your profile picture to the left. Any important images, graphics or quotes placed on the right will not be covered by the profile picture and the composition will be balanced. We also additionally recommend using an image of a face directed to the center of the page.

Try to choose a facebook cover that perfectly matches your profile picture. For example, by choosing a cover in the right colors, including from the Black and White category, you can emphasize your profile photo.

Use your Facebook cover as a ‘billboard’. With the help of a cover, you can convey information about yourself to people or encourage others with a motivational inscription from the category “Motivational”. Choose the right inscription and bring it to people.

Be unique with a collage cover photo for Facebook. Use multiple images on one cover and you’ll definitely grab attention.

Change your cover photo depending on the holidays or the season. Check out the themed covers of Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer, install and thus demonstrate your mood for today.

And finally, show your humorous side. Funny cover photos for Facebook will captivate everyone who comes to your page.

So, you are not mistaken, the best, beautiful and stylish cover photos can be found on our website and you can see for yourself. Do you have ideas for Facebook cover photos? Share with us!